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    Technology Solutions for Aquaculture & Life

    Springtide Innovations is creating an ecosystem of technology tools that are transforming aquaculture and the ways we manage our business and customer relations.

  • About

    Our core business is Springtide Seaweed, LLC, the largest USDA Organic Certified seaweed farm in Maine.

    We provide nursery and farm technology and services to cultivate over five species of seaweed.

    We are leading the industry in developing extracts, pellets, and gels for the food, nutraceutical, and agricultural industries.

    We also offer consulting services to seaweed farmers and investors.

    We are the founder of the Maine Seaweed Exchange, a non-profit devoted to seaweed aquaculture education and research.

  • Consulting

    We offer consulting services to farmers and investors. We offer a 45 minute initial Zoom consultation for $85 to discuss your needs. You can book a slot here.

  • Our Projects

    Experience and Imagination to Create Innovative Solutions.

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    Dulse & Nori

    New Markets

    We are commercializing a unique grow out technology for two of the most valuable seaweed species in the world.

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    Substrates Matter

    New Technology

    We are developing and testing new substrates that maximize yield and reduce biofouling. Truly transformational.

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    Optimizing Farms

    Beyond Longlines

    Modeling to inform seaweed farm design for optimizing growth, production, and advancement of the marine aquaculture industry.

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    Deep Water

    Going Deep

    Utilizing remote sensing to utilize the full water column for seaweed and shellfish aquaculture.

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    Growing Modules

    Versatile Farming

    Developed seaweed growing modules for both horizontal and vertical deployment.

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    Testing Matters

    Beyond Quality

    Unique product testing program to assure product safety and potency.

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    Drying Technology

    Value Added

    Industry partner in the development of a unique mobile drying system for kelps.

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    Nori, Nori, Nori

    New Crops

    A new seaweed growing system for nori production in the Northeast Atlantic utilizing unique genetics.

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    More Than a Marketplace


      The only fully integrated CRM/ERP and marketplace for the seafood, CSA/CSF and food industry.

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      Education & Advocacy

      Founding Member

        Supporting a non-profit committed to seaweed aquaculture education, research, and advocacy.

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        Industry Recognition

        Recognized. Published.

          We have been recognized as speakers, presenters, and experts on aquaculture, seaweed, sustainable food systems, food safety, and food tech.

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          Product Development

          Food. Ag. Pharma.

            We are creating innovative new products for the food, nutraceutical, and agricultural industries

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            Social License

            Smart Gear

              Creating an innovative smart gear system that self monitors integrity and loads. The future of smart gear.

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              Beyond Seaweed


                Seaweed and urchins in an integrated system while creating shellfish halo zones. Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture taken to the next level.

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                Oysters in the Deep

                Automated Grow-Out

                  Utilizing a solar powered grow out system, we are transforming oyster production by cutting labor costs 75% and mitigating contamination risks.

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                  Clean Water

                  Water Purification

                    Utilizing a low voltage electrical field and high-performance catalytic plates to create purifying oxidants resulting in long-lasting disinfection, and elimination suspended pathogens. All without chemicals or UV radiation.

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                    Fertilizers & Feeds

                    Enhanced Growth. Reduced Methane Gas production.

                      Developing and marketing extracts, mulches, and palletized feeds and fertilizers.

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                      Integrated Seaweed & Urchin Nursery


                        Growing urchins in an integrated seaweed/urchin nursery to optimize growth and gonad size.

                      • Team Profiles

                        Experienced. Passionate. Committed.

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                        Sarah Redmond

                        Seaweed. Seaweed. Seaweed.

                        Sarah essentially created the farmed seaweed industry in North America. Her nursery expertise is unequalled as is her seaweed farming expertise. She has successfully cultivated dulse, sugar kelp, skinny kelp, horsetail kelp, and nori. She is also committed to supporting sustainable aquaculture and local marine communities. 

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                        Trey Angera

                        Entrepreneur. Software Engineer. Technologist.

                        Food-Tech Innovator. Chef. Inventor.

                        Whether it be designing new processing technologies, advising entrepreneurs around the globe, developing innovative AI software solutions, or speaking on sustainable foods, Trey has defined innovation and created technologies and companies that have transformed the way we live. He is also an inventor, chef, and passionate about healthy living and lifestyles.

                      • Contact Us

                        Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

                        14 Factory Road
                        Gouldsboro, ME 04607